Friday, November 18, 2011

QR Code Haircuts

The strangest use of QR codes I've ever seen, but a pretty cool idea all the same by Betfair with the lads of Bromley Football Club.

The video was entertaining.

Equally entertaining was this comment on youtube:

My brother (a wacky PR type) recently had his hair shaved to form the words “I AM A PAEDOPHILE” right around his head.
The thing is, he did it in aid of a national charity, & was talked into it by the local co-ordinator employed by them, who said it would be a “cool, edgy & comic” thing to do! He’s now been attacked on the street 3 times & lost a lot of work. He is taking legal advice & says he no longer cares how much money the charity has to cough up to him, the point needs making.

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JJd said...

... and how are you supposed to scan that? Can't wait til the QR fad is over so we can stop all this nonsense :P